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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Towel Animals

     For anyone that has been on a cruise, at least on Carnival, part of the fun of returning to your cabin at the end of the night is to see your new towel animal. During dinner service, the cabin steward goes by each room for turn down service- a little tidying of your room, drawing the curtains closed, and turning down your bedding. Along with that, they leave the newsletter for the following day listing activities, times, locations, and any other news the passengers need to be aware of. Typically, right along side of the newsletter, is a new towel animal. Here is a little photo montage of our animals.

 You can see how the bed has been turned down for the night.

 A little seal that was too cool and needed John's sunglasses.

 Me being goofy and posing with our puppy on night 2.

 Mr. Frog

 I'm still trying to figure out what this guy is. I see signs of a duck with the bill, but the "ears" and arms are throwing me off.

 Any ideas people???

 I LOVED the elephant!

 Classic monkey hanging around.

 Close up view of the monkey.

Last night- simply love

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