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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Summer cut

     It's that time of year again- warm temps and a little boy who loves being outside and getting dirty and sweaty. Last year we gave JT a cropped cut and it worked out well so we decided to do it again.

Before we left for the cruise, JT was requesting a haircut and it seemed to grow even more in the week that we were gone. This boy was a mop head!

After a mass of hair was left on the bathroom floor, this is was the result. JT always looks so different at first after the big transformation. His sisters provided many "Awww's, Ooooo's, and that's SO CUTE!" They also loved rubbing his soft fuzzy hair.

JT testing out his new haircut outside. It seemed to help with keeping him cool, less sweaty, and he loves not having all of that hair in his eyes.

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