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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cabin 9360

     Here is a little peek into what our cabin looked like. We stayed on the 9th deck and had a wonderful balcony. We've only been on 2 cruises and both have had balconies, so I guess you could say we have a great love of personal outdoor space. It's just so nice to be able to go outside any time of the day or night and have a little slice of the beautiful outdoors on the cruise and not have to worry about how you look.

 The view into our room from the entry.

 Standing in the opposite corner. The couch could be converted to an additional bed for those that need it..

 Instead, we used it to hold camera bags, towels, or a change of clothing. It was our catch all area.

 If you flip around from the couch, there is a large vanity area. Long mirror and counter top. There was a mini fridge, safe, and a few drawers for clothing.

 There were three closets right next to the vanity area. One had large shelving and the other two  had plenty of hanger space. There was more than enough room for all of our clothing and we over packed by a long shot.

 The bathroom was tiny, but it had all of what you needed. Little shower with a mini retractable clothes line (handy for drying bathing suits), and built in shampoo and body wash dispensers. Not pictured is the toilet that when flushed, sounds like it's going to suck you down with it. Those that have cruised know what I'm talking about, right?

 Little sink and shelving to hold toiletries and such.

My favorite part of our cabin- the balcony!!! Two chairs, a little table and you will come to see in future posts, some of the best views to wake up to each day.

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