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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thumbprint Ladybugs

     We have begun to see some friendly little ladybugs flying about lately and I thought it would be fun to incorporate them into art time. All it took was some construction paper, some paint, toothpicks, a paintbrush, and some little fingers and thumbs for an adorable result.

 To help bring a bit of color to the art, the boys picked 4 colors for our ladybugs.

 JT focused as ever in placing his thumbprints on his paper.

 Finn was concentrating as well.

Ella placed a few flying ladybugs in the sky area of her paper for her unique twist on her creation.

Mason made ladybugs that were big and small.

 Next, we added some white, fluffy clouds.

 Check out Finn smiling while I was snapping photos while he worked.

 For Mason and Ella, I flipped the paper around so the "sky" area was closer to them. They usually have a tendency to paint whatever is closest to them and I thought this would help.

After we let the paint dry for a few hours, it was time to add the ladybug heads. For JT and Finn, I let them have full creative control after showing them how to make the head with a fingerprint near the edge of their colored circles.

The boys did a great job of making their ladybug heads on their own.

 Time for SPOTS!

 Just a little dip into the black paint with a toothpick is all it took.

 Clearly, making spots required great focus.

 JT and Finn hard at work completing their projects.

 Ella's ladybugs

 Mason's spring scene

I love how many of Finn's artwork has a sense of symmetry or organization.

 JT's crew of ladybugs.

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