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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Trip down memory lane

     Recently, Lindsay had an assignment in which she created a scrapbook about herself. In making the book, we looked through many old photos. It was so much fun to look back at our girls when they were little. I have some more that I hope to share later, but here is a few that I had captured.

Throw back to 1992! Two young kids in love and ready to go on a camping adventure.

Then came Sarah. Our little peach fuzz hair cutie.

Sarah in first grade dressed up like Anastasia.

The girls sometimes couldn't get enough time together and slept in Sarah's twin bed. I LOVE this photo so much!

Lindsay and Grandma C (John's Mom).

This is me literally in labor and walking the halls with John's Dad and step Mom. Clearly this was early labor as I was able to stop and pose with a smile.

Lindsay and Nanny (my Mom) ringing in New Year 2000. We had a big family party that year and Miss Lindsay didn't miss out on a minute.

Lindsay and Sarah at the zoo.

Sarah and Lindsay at my graduation from Fresno State. Courtney was there, just still baking, as I was 7 months pregnant with her.

Look at these cuties! These were our super busy parenting days with a toddler, preschooler, and elementary age girls.

Halloween- Lindsay loved Cinderella so much and Courtney as a bee. When Lindsay saw this photo recently, she declared, "Courtney was stealing all my princess thunder with her bee cuteness!"

Lindsay on the first day of Kindergarten and Courtney for preschool. Hard to believe that JT is nearing this milestone.

One of our first family photos when we were a family of 5. Don't be too jealous of my crushed velvet shirt-  they were in style then. At least I think they were- ha ha!

Hopefully more to come in the coming weeks.

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  1. JT and Lindsay could be twins! Love the camping picture!