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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Easter's Finest

     Yes, I realize that Easter was nearly 3 weeks ago. That isn't going to stop me from sharing some photos of my adorable family though ;)  

     After we went to church for Easter services, I declared to the kids that we would be taking some photos of their cuteness when we got home. Sadly, we had a stormy weekend and the rain prevented us from being outside.

My beautiful foursome.

 Daddy and his girls

Father and son

The dynamic four ladies of the Apedaile household.

 JT seems to get posing down all on his own.

 I Love this shot!

JT loves wrapping his arms around his sisters neck and bringing them in close. He usually calls them "His girls".

Silliness at its finest.

 I thought JT was looking quite hip with his outfit that day and his pose verified that.

 Check out the cute skull shoes!

The Apedaile6


  1. Love all the pics!!!

  2. Gosh these are good! JT looks so grown up!