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Monday, April 29, 2013

Fork Tulip Blooms

     We have been enjoying seeing all of the trees blossom and the flowers blooming everywhere lately. No better time than now to create some blooms for art! I found a great project on Pinterest that I couldn't wait to do with the kids.

 Needed supplies- paint of choice for blooms, forks, and construction paper. I love how I captured peeking in to see what I was taking a photo of.

 JT and Finn are ready to create some tulips.

 Focused on making flowers.

 Finn liked to have his flowers in rows.

 JT's famous tongue action as he worked.

Ella and Mason loved dipping their forks.

They did a great job making their tulips.

 After the flowers were made, I used a q-tip and let the boys paint stems and grass. I helped Mason and Ella a bit with this part.

 Tulips in Bloom!

 Ella's tulips

 Mason's garden of blooms

Finn's organized garden

JT's  slanted blossoms

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