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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


     In effort to usher in Spring weather, I decided to bring some beautiful flowers to art time.

 I think this face sums up part of what we were dealing with- painted hands! Also explains why I don't have many photos of the early part of their art. Mom with camera in hand and kids with painted hands usually doesn't end up well.

 The kids used their painted hands to create part of a large sunflower.

 Then, it was time to paint in the stem and petals. We directed a bit, but allowed for the artists to paint their visions.

 Some had several leaves.

 While others had LARGE leaves.

 Better yet 2 LARGE leaves!!!

 JT did manage to squeeze in a nice stem between his leaves before filling them in.

 Finn started out with a nice straight stem.

 Then proceeded to add some leaves floating mid-air. Love seeing their unique perpectives in their creations!

Then it was time to fill in the center portion of the flower.

 BIG was the word of the day with JT's art.

 Ella's Sunflower

 Mason's Sunflower

Finn's Sunflower

 JT's Sunflower

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