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Monday, April 8, 2013

Taste the Rainbow

     Sorry the blog has taken a back seat as of late. I guess I have been busy with life and perhaps a bit too much candy crush during my downtime. I will do better to post more frequently- I have a certain pregnant friend that feels neglected when she doesn't get her regular dose of the Apedaile6 and will point it out to remedy that issue. No worries, the blog isn't going anywhere and I have several posts waiting to be written this week!

 How fun and yummy does this art project look? The kids were immediately ready to take part in working with these items. Art time ended up being snack time as well ;)

 With the pre drawn rainbows, all I had to do was line each color of the rainbow- one at a time- with glue and then let each child have the color Fruit Loop they were working on.

 Mason did a great job carefully placing the cereal down on his paper.

 Ella is almost always aware of when I'm taking photos and ready to pose.

 All 3 ended up standing up a bit to get a better perspective of the work that needed to be done.

 Some of the colors were mixed a bit, but the younger children did SO well!

 This activity took a bit longer than I expected as everyone was very careful making their rainbows. Also little breaks to eat slowed them down a bit  .

 Ella's rainbow

 Mason's rainbow

JT's rainbow

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