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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wet Chalk Easter Eggs

     In getting ready for Easter this weekend, I found a new way to create some eggs for artwork- using wet chalk! I prepared the table and the kids for this possible messy craft, but it ended up being not bad at all.

 First, we started with placing stickers and tape all over the egg to create different shades and impressions after the chalk was applied.

 Then, the kids dipped the chalk into a little cup of water, then colored. The younger children LOVED to dip! 

 Mason chalking it up!

 Clearly this required much effort with JT's tongue sticking out of his mouth.

 He put in so much effort, that he ended up ripping his egg a bit. We were able to repair it after the paper dried.

 Finn loved coloring over his stickers and tape.

We let the paper and chalk dry during lunch and nap time. I then removed the stickers and tape to reveal their finished eggs.





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