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Monday, March 4, 2013

Permitted to drive

     We have another driver in the house! Lindsay took her driver's permit test recently and passed! In fact, she only missed 1 on the exam. Great job Lindsay! Getting her actual permit was a bit of an experience though.
The day she took her test, all of the computer systems were down except for the permit computers. So she was able to take the test, but she left with just this pink paper and a receipt showing I had paid the test fee. We would have to come back later to take her photo and enter the info in the system.

We returned a few days later and made this girl legal! I guess now instead of giving you the actual license immediately, they print off a paper version and the official card is mailed to you. Step 2 complete- she was ready to drive.

Then, about a week later, the official learners permit came in the mail! Poor Lindsay still hadn't driven by then since we had nasty weather last week and I was waiting for ideal conditions for her first few lessons.

Yesterday, the skies opened and a beautiful sunny day emerged! It was time for Lindsay to drive! I had her drive through our neighborhood to a cemetery that is right around the corner. Perfect for her first lesson. We did several loops around the grounds and Lindsay did fantastic! All of the usual first time jitters of getting used to the brakes, accelerator, and smooth steering, but all in all an excellent first effort. I'm planning on doing a few more similar basic lessons until Lindsay feels comfortable with the van, then out to some actual roads with cars. Wish us all luck!

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