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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Painting Toast

     Painting toast? What the heck!?! Yes it can be done and safely eaten afterward. Sadly, I don't have as many photos as I thought of this fun activity- I think I didn't put my SD card in my camera or something, so I just have my phone photos to share.

 For this activity all you need is plain toast, water that you tint with food coloring, and something to paint with( paint brushes,q-tips, or sponge brush).

 Ella was ready to paint!

 Mason painted and also snacked.

 Ella enjoyed her red, blue, and green toast.

JT had a very red piece of toast! 

All of the kids really had a blast with this activity and the best part was they got to eat their creations after they finished! This will be a repeat activity for sure.

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