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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FCCLA Competition

     Lindsay and 2 of her classmates have been working for several weeks on a major project for a FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America) competition that took place yesterday. Their topic to present was on human trafficking. The girls researched, prepared a speech, made a power point presentation to accompany the speech, and also made this board highlighting their information.

 The completed board.

 There are certain requirements that needed to be met one of them showing the girls presenting their information to their peers prior to the competition. Last week the girls presented all day to students in preparation for their competition.

 In addition to highlighting some of the statistics of human trafficking, the girls also provided some information to help, deter, or some solutions for this serious issue. As a part of their presentation, they found a local martial arts business owner who taught the students some self defense moves. Lindsay was very excited to demonstrate what she had be taught to John and I when she got home that day.

 A card that the girls made. They thought if a person was in a human trafficking situation and had this card, they could leave it in a hotel room, hand it to someone in a public setting, or reach out to get them help.

 The center portion had several traffic signs.

 Each flap lifted up to reveal information and facts about human trafficking.

 Lindsay displaying her board after her day of competition.

 After a long day, Lindsay and her team earned a silver star ranking for their presentation! Gold is the only higher ranking above silver. This also qualified the team to compete at the state level in a few weeks. Excited for their hard work especially since all the girls are freshman and it is quite rare for underclassmen to participate in these types of competitions. Way to go!!!

When taking the photos, JT kept asking if he could be in a photo with Lindsay. So here is JT displaying Lightening McQueen with his big sister.

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