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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bell Pepper Shamrock

     While St. Patrick's Day was over the weekend, on Monday JT and his friends made a little artwork in celebration.

Very simple- Green paint, white paper, and a bell pepper that I cut about 1/3 off. Another tip of the hat to Pinterest for helping me find this cute project.

Just like many of of our stamping crafts, all the kids did was dip the inside portion of the bell pepper in the paint.

Then stamp their hearts out!

The result was a pretty cool looking 4 leaf clover.

All smiles while I snap photos.

Prime example of why I use newspaper to protect the table. 

Mason discovered that if he held on to the stem, he could keep his hands clean.

This is so cool!

Ella's Shamrocks

Mason's Shamrocks

JT's Shamrocks

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