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Monday, May 20, 2013

Be Our Guest

     One of the highlights of our cruise was the wonderful dinners John and I enjoyed. A very relaxed pace, a serving team that was attentive, and some great conversations. We also ventured out and tried some new foods and had some delicious meals.

There are two dining rooms on The Dream. We were assigned to the mid-ship Crimson for the late seating at 8:15. Very late by our usual standards, but it worked out perfectly for our port days and allowed plenty of time for activites, relaxation, and time to get ready.

The Crimson is a two level restaurant. Not possible to get a photo of all of the available seating, However, John and I scored some of the best seats in the house! Our area in the picture here is on the second level center/back behind the glass partition.

Here is our special area. It was a lowered, semi private alcove with seating for 3 tables of two.

John standing in the corner as I shot our table ares. Ours is the center table on the right side. It was perfect to talk to the other two couples nestled in the corners of our area.

Our table for the week- 384.

Our dining room partners in crime that we came to really enjoy as we shared stories of our days events and talked about our families at home. Tom and Judith from the Atlanta area and Pat and Sam from the Tampa area. We all exchanged information and plan to stay in touch.

Our amazing wait staff. Head waiter in the black jacked John from the Philippines.

John's team of Edison and Agus from Indonesia and the Philippines. Their attention to detail, quick service, and just little personal touches made our dinners something we looked forward to each day.

View from our area as the entire dining crew performed their nightly song and dance.

The Food(well some of it)
The first night, John and I went to the Steakhouse instead of our regular dining room. A special treat to kick off our celebration. We had some of the best food of the week that evening. This was a app that the chef sent out for us. John had this delicious mini slider made out of some of most delicious meat. I don't know what it was made of, but I could have chowed down several of these after tasting this.

I was served this small tomoato and "something" soup. Again, not sure what it was made of but it hit the spot. I also loved the mini spoon that it was served with.

One day we had frog legs.

Ribbit Ribbit 

I had my first ever sushi! Top was seared tuna, the middle I forget, but I wasn't much a fan of the texture, bottom shrimp on top of sticky rice.

I tried all three and my favorite was the tuna. I liked the shrimp,but not the middle sushi.

Dessert was a special treat that we indulged in every night. Since I rarely had our camera with us during dinner, I only have photos from our first night. I ordered a baked apple on a puffed pastry.

This enormous slice of cheesecake was probably the best dessert of the week. This was from the Steakhouse and despite cheesecake being available one time in the Crimson and one attempt at the dessert bar on the lido deck they all failed big time compared to this creamy delight. 

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