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Friday, June 7, 2013

Initial painting

What could all of these letter be for? Some type of chunk letters word drill? Jet, met, jem? Nope! Some fun art time fun using the first letters of each child.

Ella and Mason kicked off this activity. I let each child choose two colors to paint with.

Ella chose pink and purple while Mason went with orange and yellow. JT observed while he waited for his turn. 

Before long, both he and Finn were ready to make their art. Finn chose pink and green and JT chose purple and blue.

They used a foam brush to "tap tap", swirl, and stroke their colors on their paper.

Nearly impossible to snap a photo of two 2 year olds looking at the camera at the same time.

Some of the many faces of JT concentrating as he painted.

His expressions crack me up sometimes!

The older boys did a great job blending their colors.

No art time is complete without messy hands.

After the painting was finished, we let them dry for a few hours. Then the letters were  removed to reveal the final project.

F is for Finn!

M is for Mason!

E is for Ella!

JT is for...John Thomas! Bonus that his nickname is very short ;)

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