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Friday, June 14, 2013

Sprinkler Ball

     Like I mentioned in my last post, it didn't take long for JT to try out his sprinkler ball. The very next day, Lindsay, JT,and his friends brought it out for some fun in the sun!

When Lindsay saw JT open this gift, she was just about as excited as him to try it out.

Lindsay covering up some of the lower sprinklers as to not spray the kids in the face.

The little ones were not big fans of the water near their faces.

I think they enjoyed running along the perimeter a bit better at first.

JT covering the sprinkler openings.

Mason running and having fun!

I love this shot of Mason with his arms raised. Ooo so cold!

Give me an "L"!

After a little break, JT came up with a fantastic idea! Goggles!!!

Now he could easily run near the sprinklers without getting water in his eyes.

Run JT, run!!!

Mason followed with his own pair of goggles.

Taking a break after running around and playing.

A big THANK YOU to Nanny and Aunt Cathy for sending this gift to JT. It will get used all summer long!

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