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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nanny and Aunt Cathy's Birthday Gifts

     A day or two after his big day, JT received a special surprise in the mail! A package from Nanny and Aunt Cathy for his birthday. After John got home from work, we sat down to open his gift.

Opening his box.

Paul Frank monkey paper. JT commented that the monkey was silly looking and it made him laugh.

JT started with the wrapped gifts. Courtney was my photographer and must have missed a few moments. Below in the video, you can see JT opening all of the gifts.

How cool! A large beach ball that has sprinklers. JT couldn't wait to use this! He played in it the very next day as you will soon see.

All of his gifts opened. A superhero bowling set, the sprinkler, and a book called Jesus and the 12 Dudes. We read the book that night and despite the "dudes" wording in the title, it's actually a very cute book talking about the 12 disciples.

Ready to bowl!

Not quite used to the form of releasing the ball to roll on the floor. JT preferred to just chuck it in the air towards the balls.

It worked quite well.

Love his intense look as he was playing.

Watching the pins fall.

Strike! It even knocked JT down to the ground!

JT says, "Thank you for my gifts Nanny and Aunt Cathy! I love them very much!"

Video of opening the gifts.

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