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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Femoral Nerve Block

     I mentioned in Sarah's surgery post that she received a block in the leg that was operated on. She had the femoral nerve block procedure performed while she was in pre-op. John and I weren't allowed to be present, but the process was explained to us beforehand. She was sedated and then with the use of an ultrasound, they located her nerve using stimulation on her leg. All Sarah remembered was that her muscle was twitching very rapidly and then it stopped (that's when the block was administered).

     After Sarah came back to us from her loopy state from the sedation, she marveled at how "squishy" her blocked leg felt as she would poke at it. I told her it was a little preview of just how wonderful an epidural would be when she is older, much older, and delivering her children. Since we were killing some time leading up to surgery, we had Sarah perform a little trick. I love at how amused she was at her inability to move her leg.

     The nerve block did a fantastic job and Sarah was essentially numb for the first 2-3 days post op. She slowly regained sensation and along with that, more intense pain. I know Sarah was very thankful for her block and how it helped deal with the initial recovery.

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