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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Cloud 9 Spa

     The final post of our Dream cruise has arrived. I wanted to end on the portion of our vacation that was the most relaxing, the Cloud 9 Spa. It was an additional amenity that we paid for, but if you book a "spa" stateroom, all of this comes for free.

     There aren't many spa staterooms and when we went for a tour of the spa on our first day, it was explained that they only sell 50 spa passes as to keep the traffic down and relaxation to the max for the Spa 9 guests. With over 3,600 people on the ship, that sounded fantastic and we signed up. John and I went every day except one of our port days due to how late we returned to the ship. I always looked forward to our typical early evening trip that started off our nights activities on a pleasant note.* Note, all but 1 of these photos are from other sources. We brought our waterproof camera in to snap some photos, but the results were not good.(camera doesn't have a screen to review your photos when in the waterproof casing).

This is the Thalasso Pool. Basically a HUGE spa that is filled with mineral infused water and tons of jets. You can see here the long lounger that filled one side of the pool. It was curved to be very comfortable.

Photo from the other end of the pool with the jets running. Noticed the spouts that spray water into the pool. They felt wonderful on shoulders, backs, and even the top of your head. Firm enough pressure to have a massage effect.

The Laconium room- the first of four therapy rooms. This room was cool and dry and had fantastic views. All of the rooms had different spa like music that was softly playing. It just enhanced the mood and was nice to listen to as we relaxed.

Filled with lounge chairs and two loungers that are heated, it was the perfect place to relax.

Here is the ONE photo that is ours. Me relaxing on the lounger soaking in the heat from the chair and watching the ocean roll by.

Oriental Steam bath room. While it was quite hot and more humid than the non-steamy rooms, it wasn't very steamy.

In this room there were mainly lounge chairs that were heated to relax in.

There was also a long tiled bench and round stool towards the windows. These two spots were heated even warmer than the chairs- a bit too hot for this always cold woman.

This is the Tepidarium Room. I think this was both John and my favorite of the therapy rooms.

The room is filled entirely with heated loungers.

It's basically a pleasant temperature, low humidity room that you rest and relax in in between the two steam rooms. I often chose the lounger that is in the center/top of this photo for its amazing views of the ocean while I relaxed.

 The aroma therapy steam room. This is a photo from a similar steam room on another ship- ours had dark blue tile. The room was also dimly lit and of course VERY steamy. It was also infused with eucalyptus oil and smelled heavenly. The most you should stay in this room was 5-10 minutes.

 The Relaxation Room. After you are finished with the treatment rooms, you could come here for some final relaxing. Strictly for the chilly temperature, this was John's favorite room.  Cushioned chairs and ottomans lined the windows.

Along the back were tables filled with fruit infused waters, and a large variety of teas to enjoy.

We loved our cruise so much and it was wonderful to celebrate nearly 2 decades of marriage. While we enjoyed our time away, we were more than ready to get back to our home, four kids and our crazy busy life as we know it. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our cruise and I'll be back to posting about regular family life like usual.

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