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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Orange Rush 2013

     I can't believe we are in the final week of summer break and looking to start a new school year next Monday. To get ready for the school year the school holds a registration night, called Orange Rush, where parents get to fill out forms, pay school fees, ID photos are taken, lockers assigned, and the most exciting part- schedules are handed out. 

Our 2 High School girls!

Some of the paperwork that I got to fill out.

Courtney at her locker.

Lindsay at her locker and also flashing a "Jeez Mom, must you take a photo like this right now?" expression.

Back in the safety of home and away from their peers, I took a photo of the girls with all of their important papers.

We have block scheduling at Beech HS, so each semester each student has 4 classes. Each class is about 90 minutes long each day. This is Courtney's schedule for first semester. All academic classes for her STEM program- really excited to see what this first year program holds. She will finish her day in the gym doing strength conditioning and practice with her volleyball team. 

A look at Lindsay's schedule. Besides her computer class, this girl is going to be busy!

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