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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Finn's Last Day

     Today was a big day for our family- it was JT's best friend, Finn's, last day for me to babysit him. Finn and JT have been together at least 2-3 times a week since they were about 3/6 months old. JT is 3 months older, so he had to wait for his BFF to be born;) 

     It's now time for Finn to begin his preschool at HCA, so we will only see him for play dates, at church, and whenever us grown ups hang out. Thankfully, Finn's parents are some of our closest friends, so it's not like we won't be seeing Finn any more. I'll continue to babysit Finn's younger brother, Sam, so that is a blessing.

     I decided to look back on a few of the highlights of JT and Finn's adventures, together. Be ready for a photo overload. Erin (Finn's Mommy) get a tissue ready because there are some precious shots seeing our boys grow in a matter of moments.

This is from this week- the boys made a special treat all by themselves. I love how cute they look in the aprons!

Today at lunch, the boys were chatting it up like little old men. Love their lunch conversations about Thomas, animals, dinosaurs, Monster Trucks, and making silly faces/noises.

Thank you Michael and Erin for allowing me to be such a large part of Finn's life. We love you and your family so much.

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  1. You weren't kidding about the tissues. This are so precious. I am going to steal this post so that my family can see too. Thank you so much!