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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Miramar Beach

     Day 2 in Florida brought us a bit west to Miramar Beach, which is right next to the ever popular Destin. It was a bit of an overcast day that ended in some late afternoon showers. Despite the summer storm, we had another fantastic day!

 Our family spot for the day.

 The John and the girls found a great place for us to relax when we weren't in the water.

 Some of JT's adventures included playing in the sand and making little castles.

 Mr. Sensitive wasn't a fan of the salt water stinging his eyes so we bought him some goggles to help battle the waves.

 There was a ton of small sea life and shells at Miramar beach! Lindsay and John dove to the bottom(about 4-5  feet) and found this crab for JT to watch for the day. It was released back into the Gulf at the end of our day.

 Sarah and JT off to play along the shore.

 This was Sarah's first experience doing an activity without her knee brace since her surgery. *Update to come soon I promise. Her knee did beautifully and Sarah loved being able to play without any knee pain.

 "Jumping" the waves.

 Finding little clams and shells.

 JT and Mommy time in the Gulf waters. 

 We had fun playing in the waves in the shallow area.

 We would jump or I would lift JT through the wave as it crashed his body.

 Of course my son couldn't resist splashing me whenever he could. JT loved doing this and screeched in delight every time.

 After looking back at the photos, I realized the lacking of our youngest girl in many of the shots. She was there ;) She happened to be the photographer or she was out in the water on a tube, which we didn't take many photos of.

Daddy daughter relaxing time. The beach was SO much fun whether we were playing or relaxing. 

 Back out to face the waves!

 JT would often cover his ears when the waves would crash over his face. I think the days of avoiding water in the ears from his ear tube days helped set up this little quirk.

It was a fantastic day and makes me crave to be a beach bum and live along the coast somewhere. Perhaps that will happen one day!

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