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Friday, August 23, 2013

McGuire's Irish Pub

    Part of the fun of being on vacation is trying out some new food and local places. One of the suggestions our friends gave us was McGuire's. All that we had heard is this place has a wide variety of burgers, an 18 cent bean soup, and dollar bills stuck on the walls from patrons. Sounded interesting, so we gave it a shot.

When we pulled in, we could tell this was a pretty popular place by the lack of parking spaces and lots of people outside despite eating at an early hour.

It had a humorous and relaxed atmosphere starting from the entrance.

$1 bills hanging on the wall was an understatement! There was money everywhere!!!

On the walls....

Hanging from the ceiling. On the menu it estimated that there was at least $1 million in the restaurant. Crazy!!!

Sarah loved the moose head in the waiting area.

JT and "my girls" as he often calls his sisters.


A glance at the burger portion of the menu. We all selected a different burger to try. Nobody chose (or was allowed) to order the $100 Grand Burger.

While we waited, a balloon artists came by and made the family some balloon hats and bracelets.

I loved Courtney's little turtle bracelet. 

Family shot of our table.

While we waited for our burgers we shared this yummy bread covered in melted butter. John and I also had the .18 cent bean soup which was delicious.

Sarah's swiss burger and huge steak fries.

Courtney had to cut her burger in half to manage it.

Lindsay chose to dive in!

Check out John's burger! I forget the name, but it was something spicy with all the jalapenos on it. I placed his drink glass next to it so we could appreciate the height.

It was so large, he couldn't get his mouth over everything for a proper bite!

Signs like this prove you need to read ALL the words before proceeding!. I was taking JT to the restroom  and was flabbergasted when I walked in the "ladies" room to see a man exiting. For about 2 seconds I didn't understand why he was giving me a crazy look! Always happy to give my family a good laugh at my expense.

This is where I needed to go instead...

JT also met a new friend while leaving.

JT got a souvenir coin on the way out. Also while we were eating someone had a birthday and a full on bagpipe mini crew came out to play an Irish song! It was such a fun and filling dinner!

We all left with stuffed bellies and headed back to the beach for some family photos at sunset. Perhaps not the best idea, but it was our last night there and I really wanted some beach photos. That will be coming to a blog post soon!

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