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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cutting it Up

     Part of JT's "lessons" are going to be other little skills that are school/life related to help practice and perfect. First on the list- some scissor skill work. I'll admit, I haven't been big on turning over the scissors to JT so far in his life. My Mommy over protector just wants to stay away from sharp objects. It's time to get over that (in part) and work on cutting with supervision.

Ready to start his work! New scissors and keeping it simple with straight lines.

Excited to get going.

First things first, writing his name at the top of his paper.

How do these things work? JT's tongue was in overdrive for this task.

JT did really well!

His first line. Not too bad!

Me being the person who loves to capture new experiences, recorded JT for a bit.

His hands did tire after doing several lines, but he kept at it.

After many "Watch your fingers", JT started to perfect his holding paper hand position. Phew! 

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