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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


     This past weekend we celebrated Courtney turning 14! Our baby girl is growing up before our eyes and we couldn't be more pleased with how our young lady is maturing. She is starting high school this year and has many exciting things planned already. Looking forward to sharing all that Courtney experiences this year.

Happy Birthday Courtney!

 Opening her birthday presents.

 JT decided that he wanted to wrap up something special to give to Courtney himself.

 His own personal Lightening McQueen blue car. It was so precious to see his giving and kind heart.

 He added a big fat kiss on the cheek at the end.

 Opening Nanny and Aunt Cathy's card.

 Lots of heart confetti made the living room very festive!

 Forever 21 card! One of Courtney's favorite stores-perfect choice!

 Lindsay made her box more  personal.

 Courtney was clearly excited to see the specific eyeliner she has been wanting.

 At the bottom of the box was a little photo of Linds and Court from about 4 years ago. They both look so young in the pic!

 Time for Mom and Dad's gifts!. A mini zebra trash can for her bedroom.

 Some 1 Direction stuff.

 For her main gift, I snapped pics in sports mode to capture her reaction.

 Could it be what the box states?

 Oh my!


 A pair of Doc Marten boots. These have been on Courtney's wish list for over a year.She was over the moon!

 This is life as a teen with a 4 year old brother. Modeling her new boots.

For our tradition of the birthday person choosing their meal, Courtney chose La Loma. She has gone here I would guess the past 3-4 years. We all enjoyed a yummy Mexican dinner.

 The birthday girl also chose her dessert of choice. A Pinterest recipe that we have had a few times- chocolate chip cookie(in bar fashion) on the lower lever, topped with double stuffed Oreos, then all of that is covered by fudge brownies and baked to ooey , gooey, perfection.

I did drop the ball and forgot birthday candles. A frequent Mom fail for me. I found a perfectly good tea light to make a wish on though. It's all about the sentiment, right? Courtney, may you continue to be blessed this year and all of your wishes come true.

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