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Friday, August 9, 2013

Up, Up, and away!

       A few weeks ago we had the blessing of being able to take the Apedaile6 on a little family vacation to Florida! Thanks to my hard working husband who is always on the go, we were able to travel in style- and for free! This meant it was going to be JT first ever airplane ride. He was very excited for both the airplane and going to the beach.

On the ride to the airport, Sarah was JT's seat partner.

Sisters ready to go on vacation!

We got JT his own little rolling Lightening McQueen suitcase to hold some things for his trip. JT calls it his "trailer". Since returning, we have to explain we don't need to bring his trailer to Kroger or church despite his pleas.

We all got to experience how John travels to the airport from the long term, off site parking place. JT loved riding in the "little school bus".

John and JT heading into the airport to check our luggage.

Courtney and Lindsay shared a treat from Starbucks before we took off.

JT gasped with delight when he saw the airplanes up close.

There was a fun little play area JT used while we waited for our time to board. Pilot JT, ready for takeoff!

Watching some more planes.

Finally it was time to board! JT was very excited but patient as we waited for our turn to take our seats.

We managed to have 2 rows together. Sisters in the front.

JT, Dad, and Mom right behind. We decided it would be best to have JT ride in his car seat so he would stay in his place and treat it like any other "ride". 

JT scored the window seat for our evening flight.

We arrived in Florida! JT was ready to hit the beach, but that would have to wait until the next morning.

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  1. I wish your FL vacation brought you a little further south. Would've loved to visit with your whole family!