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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Panama City Beach

     Our first morning in Florida, JT couldn't wait to get to the beach. It's all he talked about while we ate breakfast, packed our bags (for the beach), and went to the store to buy a few snacks to enjoy. His level of excitement was similar to that of Christmas Eve.

     We found a perfect spot for the day and quickly started in with our fun for the day. First order of business for JT- build a sandcastle.

 Lindsay and I started smoothing a spot to build our castle. JT specifically requested a moat. He was thinking he could fill it with water. 

 Sadly, he discovered the science behind parched sand and water and settled for a dry moat.

 Lindsay dug a nice little hole to get some damp sand to build the castles with.

 Time for the big centerpiece reveal.

YES!!! Perfection!

 We continued to build the smaller castles around the perimeter.

 JT added some decorations to the castles- shells and sticks.

 The finished product. It cracked me up that JT emulated Lindsay's post and put a hand on his hip.

This is what we spent the most of the rest of our day doing. Riding the waves on our tubes. It was so much fun and JT giggled his head off.

While it wasn't all fun and games for this girl during the vacation. Sarah was reviewing for a test in her online summer school class. Anatomy and Physiology 2. She ended up scoring a 98% on that test! I told her studying on the beach must have been the magic touch that helped her do so well.

JT also loved seeing and chasing the seagulls.

JT would run and screech at the birds.

This shot cracked me up! It looks like JT is being chased by the birds (he's not). He was just running around like a crazy boy.

Little twin suits.

Of course I had to bury JT's feet!

At the end of the day John told JT that he could destroy the castle we built that day. He figured we might as well tear down our own work rather than allowing some stranger to do so.

JT started with the outer ring and worked his way in.

The wind up...


King of the Castle

We had a fellow beach goer snap a family photo before we headed out. It was a fabulous day and we couldn't wait for more!

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