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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Modern Day Knight in training

     This past weekend our church held an event for the older preschooler boys and their parents. A few months earlier, there was a similar event for the girls, so I had been anticipating this for a while. We were told it was going to be a knight themed event and to come dressed up if you would like. JT was very excited and we headed to Long Hollow for some fun!

When we first arrived, we headed to the craft area to create some accessories and get dressed for our little knights.

JT glued his coat of arms on his shield, made a tunic and name tag.

We added some of his own gear and before our eyes, we had a mini knight!

JT really enjoyed walking around with his face guard down, but would lift it up for photo opportunities.

Then the little knights had a breakfast feast- Yum!

Then it was time for some royal games!

This one was called Defend the Castle- the boys were split into 2 teams and they each had a castle to defend. Their was a net beteween the castles and the goal was to shoot "bombs" into the  opposing teams "moat"(orange bucket).

JT loved this activity and it was probably my favorite of the day. Several knights were bonked on the head by incoming fire, but no tears were shed.

This activity was a spear throw. The knights had to throw their spears through the target.

Ready- aim-fire!

JT in action for the spear throw.

Not sure of the royal name of this activity but it was a bean bag toss.

The knights attacked it from various distances and angles. JT would often inch closer to the target if his first few bags missed.

Bag toss in action!

This is how JT's team moved from one activity to the next. It was so adorable!!!

The last activity was a treasure hunt. First a story was told explaining what happened to the jewels..

Then a puzzle was put together to reveal what to hunt for. My child was the only one sprawled out while working- ha ha!

After all the treasures were found, the knights were able to try on the crown.

JT received a special scroll that held some scripture and instructions on how to be a Godly knight. 

Here is what the scroll contained. John also received a copy of the book Raising a Modern Day Knight.

All of the knights posed for a photo.

Then their Dad's (and a few Mom's) joined them for a photo.

The church took a few photos of the boys sitting on a throne.

This one perfectly captured my little knight who is always ready for action.

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