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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Alphabet Catch Up

     It's been a very long time since I've had any posts on the letter of the week activities. The kids and I have been plugging along the alphabet, but took a break during the holiday season with several vacations didn't allow everyone to be here. Rather than do a post for each letter, I'm taking the easy route and doing a mass post to get us up to date.

                      I is for Iguana! The kids were feeling all sweet with their poses that day.

                     J is for Jaguar! We had many little roarers in the house that day!

        K is for Kangaroo! Horrible lighting- the K served as the Momma with a pouch 
                                         and baby in the lower part of the letter.

L is for Lion. I loved the way this letter turned out with the mane.

     M is for mouse. The kids had fun making their
   own shade of gray by mixing black and white paint.
          Adorable little mouse face for this letter.
     Not sure where all of my photos went 
      for this letter, but everyone completed this.

   N is for newspaper. This letter was a challenge to find 
an animal that would be easy for me to create for the kids.
     So I decided to opt for an item that begins with 
             the letter and glue it on their letter.

     We are back at it this week with letter O and looking forward to being up to date with the fun art projects for the remaining letters.

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