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Monday, January 20, 2014

Hooting over the letter O

     Now that we are back into the school routine, we have jumped back into our letter lessons at home with JT and his friends. Last week we had some fun with the letter O.

Before I brought the kids to the table I asked if they had any guesses for what we might be making that starts with the letter O. They all guessed an octopus. Not this time, but great try! We were making owls.

We made our owls with large O bodies and added the face and eyes.

JT pat-patting his owl face on.

Mason finding the perfect spot for his owl's eyes.

Then they added some little feet to perch upon a branch.

JT giving a big thumbs up for his owl.

Let's add a little detail to the eyes.

Ella watching Mason hard at work.

Then the boys watched Ella as she drew in her eyes.

The kids were Hoo-hooting the rest of the day!

They also requested to so a silly face picture. Love having so many smiles and giggles with these three!

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