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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hollywood Studios

     For our fourth day in the parks, we headed to Hollywood Studios. On our way there, I realized why my backpack was so light that day- I forgot to pack my camera! So the photos from our visit are a compilation of photos from the entire family. Thankful for our smartphones!

The entrance to the park.

Hollywood Studio tree- classic with some movie reels and film along the base of the tree.

Glance down the main street toward's Mickey's Sorcerer's Hat.

JT was ready for another fun filled day!

JT also helped to contribute to the family photos today. He even posed me for this photo- "Mommy, bend down, move over. Ok , now smile."

The Pixar area. Home of the recently added attraction, Toy Story Mania. When we arrived, all of the Fast Passes had been dispersed for the day and the wait was never shorter than 90 minutes. We chose not to wait for that ride since we knew that would have been a challenge for JT. Next time we'll plan for that ride.

The girls did get to stop for a photo with the Army Man.

As close to the ride as Lindsay got.

We took the back lot tour and saw several cool things.

Our tour also induced going on the set of where a big rig catches fire and exploded a large water tank. I think 75,000 gallons were rushed toward our tour bus.

We then went to meet the stars of Monster University! Mr Cheese front and center.

 I love that JT was never intimidated by any of the characters no matter how large they were.
 Going in for a hug.

Where did JT go?

Mike gave a hug, but his arms were all show.

Mike and Sully wanted our family to give our best scare for our photo.

Courtney and I decided to make a brief stop in NYC before heading back to the attractions.
We'd be back that night for the most fantastic light show ever!

Lights, Motor, Action Show. This was a highlight for our car loving boy. Outstanding stunt drivers did several scenes of fast paced action.

Lightening McQueen even came for several scenes!

After the show, JT was able to meet Lightening McQueen and Mater. Kiss lips Apedaile made a brief appearance as well.

Hey ladies, check out my cool ride.

Later in the day we headed to Star Tours. Aunt Cathy, we thought of you when we rode!

Exterior building near the que that held a gift shop.

The outside que looked like the Ewok village. Loved it!

The interior looked very similar to the ride at Disneyland.

Now the ride is in 3D! Totally different adventure and Aunt Cathy, I know you would love the changes!

We all then headed to the Beauty and the Beast show. For me, this was my favorite show we attended.

Be Our Guest

Several of the songs from the movie were featured.

Gaston even made an appearance.

Happily ever after

Over in this area held a few more short shows.

We took JT to the Disney Jr Live on Stage show. 
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Doc McStuffins. There were also appearances by Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Sofia the first. It was an interactive show with the kids dancing, singing, helping Toodles solve the problem, and celebrating Minnie's birthday.

Afternoon break by the hat.

Warm Florida weather calls for a Mouse ice cream.

Lindsay modeled some hats.

I think Minnie ears suit her.

The girls then took off for a while to have fun on the more extreme rides.

A bit of fun and fear from the tower of terror.

No hands this time from 2 of the 3.

Rockin' Roller Coaster.

This coster is in full darkness with loops, twists, and turns. 

Looks like the girls had fun.

Lindsay was amused that the stranger next to her chose to have the same expression as she did for this ride.

As nighttime came, we headed back to NYC to enjoy one of the best Christmas light shows.

The Osborne Festival of Lights!

Photos don't really do it justice.

JT (and I) exclaimed "Wow!" several times.

We were under the canopy of lights for a few songs.

American Flag Mouse Ears

The lights would be fully illuminated for 2-3 songs along with "snow" falling .

Then a song would start and the entire scene would dance along in sync with the music. It was a magical way to end the night.

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