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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rides in Action

     The Magic Kingdom had the most rides with photos taken during a portion of the ride. We usually managed to be silly and a bit creative with some posing. Here is a look back at some of our fun times on the rides.

One of JT's favoirte rides- Splash Mountain. All he kept saying to me during the climb up to the top is "Don't put your arm around me Momma." So I settled on holding his leg.

First time on Space Mountain. I totally muffed it by posing toward the wrong side. JT's only time on this ride as he decided, "I didn't love it." afterward. The total darkness was his common thread for rides he didn't "love".

You can see Lindsay followed my advice on what direction to pose.

On our full day at the Magic Kingdom, the park closed at 1am. John volunteered to take JT back to the hotel at bedtime so the girls and I could have some more fun. We stated until closing and had so much fun!

Looks like a combination of Nazi lovers and some military folks in the back.

We went on Space Mountain several times.

Facing the correct direction this side. Though the guy in front of me didn't- ha ha!

Hear no evil...

See no evil, speak no evil, and  a Mom who is either raising the roof or is doing a "Say What?" expression.

The long vacation clearly took a toll on the sisterly love.

Peace out homies.

We also went on the Buzz Lightyear ride. Shooting at the bad guys and targets.

I look so dead serious that it cracks me up. I did manage to kick Courtney's butt though ;)

For our final ride of our vacation, we chose Splash Mountain. Mom and Dad smooching in the front followed by their 4 children disgusted by the PDA.

Just a little bit wet.

All of the kids got very wet as well. I was a sissy and took cover under my jacket after our photo snapped.

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  1. Love all of these pics! You have a wonderful family!