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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Pipe Cleaner Bird Feeders

   We had several rainy days recently, so it was time to find something fun for the kids to do indoors.

The supplies needed for our craft. Pipe cleaners, cereal that have holes, and some yarn.

All of the kids went to work on threading the cereal on their pipe cleaners.

Mason focused on his work.

Ella adorable as ever.
JT having fun.

The kids used an assortment of the Cheerios and Fruit Loops to make their feeders.

Of course the activity turned into a mini snack.

Tossing the cereal into his mouth.


Despite the cereal ending up in their tummies, they managed to complete their bird feeders.
We shaped Ella's into a heart, per her request, and the boys requested circles.

Later that day, we went outside to hang JT's feeder. We chose a small tree outside our kitchen that has several windows for bird and squirrel watching.

JT chose the perfect spot for his feeder.

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