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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Water baby-end of summer

     Here is part two of the progression of JT swimming abilities he has gained this summer. What has amazed me is by in large, JT has done most of this on his own. John and I were able to take his love of being in the pool and his gift of always wanting to move to his full advantage.

     John helped JT with his arm strokes, though that is still a work in progress. He also would have JT practice his kicking while holding on to his hands, then the noodle, then start to kick without anything and swim short distances.

 JT swimming on his own in the shallow end.
 If he's in the pool, he's a happy boy.
 Even happier if he's swimming with his Daddy.

 Making turns in the pool.

Some videos of JT's abilities

Jumping into the deep end and swimming to the side by himself

Running jump into the pool.
Swimming the length of the pool.
     JT has also begun to do a beginning backstroke, minus the stroke. He mastered floating on his back about 2 weeks ago and quickly discovered he could kick and continue to move around. It's been such a joy to watch JT's abilities grow in the pool. I know he will be sad when it's time to close the pool for the season. 

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