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Friday, August 1, 2014

Moon Sand

     Once again, we have been blessed with some cool weather for the end of July, so swimming hasn't been the best option. I'm sure JT would disagree with that statement, that kid is always ready to swim! I thought I would make something fun and take advantage of playing outside in pleasant weather.

My cooking assistant, Lindsay, helped me make several batches of Moon sand. I found it on Pinterest and a fellow Mommy friend of mine reported that this was some pretty amazing stuff.

Super easy to make- 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil.

Mix it up well.

It ends up looking very much like  soft sand and smells like baby powder.
We headed out to the back deck and had a bowl of moon sand for each child, cars, construction vehicles, cups, and spoons.

JT loved the texture of the sand.

Lindsay mastered the moon castle quickly.

JT starting to make a small castle.

Courtney was able to join us before she headed to volleyball practice.

Mason loved playing with the sand toys and shovels.
We had lots of friends over to play and this was a BIG hit with them all!

Cameron making a castle.

Ella was the master castle maker- she made perfect castles every time in many different shapes and sizes.

Using the measuring cups to make houses.


The big kids enjoyed this as much as the little ones. We spent easily 1-1.5 hours playing and none were bored at all during our play time. I'm telling you friends, make this stuff, take the kids outside (easy clean up), and enjoy.

Of course, more and more sand ended up on the deck. I was starting to feel like we were gaining some ocean front property before my eyes.

Another perfect castle!

Not only was the moon sand on the deck, it also ended up in the hair and all over clothes.


Might look a bit messy, but that's what brooms and leaf blowers were made for. Since it's not very expensive to make, you aren't cringing over spilt sand everywhere.

On the platter, JT made his own mini beach. Here he is making his ocean.

Using the roller truck to create smooth beaches.
Our youngest friend, Andy, would go from bowl to bowl and help his big friends out and play.

Sister impressions

It didn't photograph well, but their handprints turned out great!
Did I mention you can get a bit messy? But at least they smell clean!

I lined all the big kids up and used the blower(electric and lowest setting) and dusted off the moon sand. A little rubdown with a towel to the feet and legs, and they were as good as new! We are planning on playing with the moon sand again very soon, it was a big hit.


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