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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Courtney's 15th Birthday

    The first week of school usually brings a very special event to our family- Courtney's birthday! This year she is celebrating her 15th birthday.

The birthday girl came down for school and was greeted with some decorations downstairs just for her.
Courtney had a very busy day at school followed by volleyball practice that lasted an hour and a half after school. That equaled a very hungry birthday girl that was ready for her birthday dinner.

For anyone with a teenager kid, this is a common site- first, let me take a selfie.

My three beautiful girls.

Somehow this little guy hasn't fully jumped on the bandwagon of loving Mexican food. So we brought his favorite- cheeseburger to the restaurant.

Courtney was in heaven with 2 bean burritos covered with queso cheese.

Time to open gifts when we got back home. Courtney started with her gift from Aunt Cathy and Nanny.

A Target gift card! One of Courtney's favorite stores, I know she will find something that she loves very easily.

Next, it was time to open Sarah's gift.

JT was more than excited to help open her gift.

I think her face shows this was a good selection.

For those that aren't familiar, this is a song from One Direction. Courtney is going to their concert in just a few days and this will be the perfect shirt to wear.

Lindsay and JT bought Courtney a beautiful bouquet of flowers for their gift.

Time to open Mom and Dad's gift.


An infinity scarf!

JT liked it as well.

Courtney revealing her "big" gift. It was a coupon to go shopping with John and I to select her first pair of Birkenstocks. Somehow, these shoes are making a comeback and they have been on Courtney's wish list for good while. Since there are some many styles and colors, we wanted her first pair to be ones that she really loves.

Courtney chose a white cake with cream cheese frosting this year.

The glowing 15 ready to be blown out.

She's always been our Daddy's girl.

Ready to party with the family.

JT was ready to be her assistant candle blower.

Happy Birthday to you....

May all of your wishes come true baby girl.

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