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Monday, August 11, 2014

JT's First Day of Kindergarten

     The big day finally arrived last Wednesday, JT's first day of school! That day was his phase in day where he attended class with about half of his classmates. He went the entire day though.

What's a better wake up call than your mother snapping photos of your sleeping self with the flash on? Nothing I say! I wanted to capture this moment since he's the last of the Apedaile6 starting school. JT was working some major bed head this morning.

Once again, Chef Daddy whipped up some yummy chocolate chip pancakes for our Back To School breakfast.

Cleanup on Aisle Four! Messy faced boy.

JT picked our his outfit down to the "tall socks" this morning. He wasn't quite in the mood for the usual Mom photog session.

Love this Pinterest printoff I found and stuck in a frame!

How quickly time passed from JT's arrival to this day.

Lunch bag in hand, it was time to head to school!

JT was nervous excited as we walked into the doors of Indian Lake Elementary.

The school had this adorable backdrop in the gym to take photos with before heading into the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, JT found the spot to put his lunch box in.

So excited to begin his year in Mrs. Bentley's class!

Taking a good photo wasn't JT's strong suit this morning. I think he was distracted with being focused on starting school and thinking about all of the new things he was experiencing and perhaps unsure of.
There's my happy boy! Each student had a kindergarten coloring page below their name.

Taking a photo of JT with his nametag on. Did I mention this wasn't his best photo day? Ha ha

Mrs. Bently gave each student a special snack for their first day.

 JT rode the bus home and I eagerly awaited the bus arriving and stood at the corner of our house where the bus stop is. This perhaps slightly helicopter Mom walked out closer to the road and waved a friendly wave to the approaching bus. The bus just kept on rolling by! In a alarmed, yet collected manner, I quickly called the school to see what could be done to get my boy back to his house without ending back up at the school or go unnoticed until the end of the route. The school staff was awesome and placed me on hold while they got in touch with the transportation and eventually the bus driver. End of the story, about 5-7 minutes later, JT was safely dropped off curbside at our house. Phew!
 I was just so happy to see his little face that I forgot to take a photo of him getting off the bus.
JT came home with a new tote bag and a few things he had worked on during school.
 The coloring page JT worked on during the morning.
Welcome to Kindergarten, JT!!!

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  1. Oh man, I don't think I would've been calm watching my baby roll by. Glad he wasn't stuck for long. And he's super adorbs in all the pics!