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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Stylin' Socks

JT is at the age where is has some pretty strong input to what he likes and doesn't like. The same usually hold true for his wardrobe. Every night before bed, we choose his outfit for the next day and he is the one driving the decision. He usually does a great job with his style choices.  

     Lately, JT has a new obsession with socks- crew socks, low socks,and where the sock seams hit his toes.

Most recently JT's been all about the crew socks.

These socks MUST be pulled all the way up at all times. It cracks me up how little space there is between the socks and shorts, but JT loves it. Don't sweat the small stuff ;)

 The sock wearing carries on to bedtime as well. With it being summer, JT often wears boxer briefs and/or a "Daddy shirt" to bed. Of course we need to wear socks to bed with this as well.

As silly as it may look, I love it! I love JT's sense of style emerging and doing his own thing.

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