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Sunday, August 31, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    I"m sure most, if not all, of you have heard, seen, or perhaps participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.Created to raise awareness and fundraising for the organization, this challenge quickly became popular across our nation.  Recently, a good portion of the Apedaile6 crew became part of this creative movement.

It started out with JT being challenged by his pen pal friend in Florida, Giovanni. When it was time for JT to complete his challenge, he was very excited. We coached him on what to say, but he came up with his own nominations. Here is JT's ice bucket challenge.

Next up, Courtney. She had been challenged by one of her friends and completed hers after JT.

Since JT nominated Lindsay during his challenge,we moved on to her next. When you listen to her nominations at the end, you will get to see a very surprised expression on my face when I heard my name called out.

I finished out the challenges for the day since my lovely middle daughter nominated me. My water wasn't nearly as cold as the kids, but it will still refreshingly chilly. I don't believe that any of my nominations have completed their own challenge, but that's fine. This challenge wasn't about doing the ice bucket challenge for all to see on social media, it was about bringing awareness to a condition as well as raise much needed money to help with research to cure ALS. For our family it served as an opportnity to make a small contribution as well as talk to the kids about what ALS is and how people living with it are affected. For us, the ice bucket challenge was a success and after a quick Google search, I read it has raised $100 million. Isn't that wonderful how something so simple can achieve so much good?

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