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Friday, August 8, 2014

First Day of School

     It's was a BUSY week at the Apedaile house this week. We had 2 back to school days for 3 of the kids. The start of school was this past Monday for the girls, but our district does a phase in schedule for kindergarten, so JT's first(and only day) of the week came later on.  Starting with the First Back to School day...
John worked from home the front half of the week so he could be part of the big days for the kids. He woke up early to prepare some yummy pancakes and bacon for the kids.
Ready to start her day!
Courtney enjoying her chocolate chip pancake.
The aroma of bacon woke our little guy.

Despite not being dressed much, JT wanted to be in his sisters photo.
 Doc Marten's for one girl, open toe sandals for the other...


 Lindsay was more than ready for her individual photos.

 Starting her Junior year. This is a big year class wise for Lindsay. This semester she has Chemistry Honors, Algebra 2 Honors, AP U.S. History, and Nutrition.
 I have a feeling Lindsay won't like this photo, but I think she looks beautiful.

 Courtney is now a sophomore and ready to learn some French. She also has Biology and Geometry in the STEM program and finishes her day with 3 hours of volleyball practice every day.
 I also wanted to show off Courtney's cute messenger bag she purchased with her hard earned babysitting money.
Made of leather, she had been eying this for a few months. Perfect accessory for my fashion forward girl.
JT was pretty sad when his sisters left for their day, but was very excited for his first day later that week!

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