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Saturday, August 23, 2014

JT's Pen Pal

JT has a pen pal! One of our "June Mom" friends and I talked a while ago and we talked about our boys writing some little letters to each other. You know, the old fashioned way with paper and pen? A foreign concept to most kids of this generation. Even though JT's pen pal lives in Florida, the boys have met each other this past summer. When JT and I went to Atlanta earlier this summer, JT and Giovanni met for the first time and immediately hit it off. So Ravi, Giovanni's Mommy, and I talked about continuing their friendship despite us being thousands of miles away.

Here are Giovanni and JT playing earlier this summer.

It's always the best to get mail as a kid.

This envelope didn't stand a chance against a 5 year old opening it.

Seeing what Giovanni sent him.

Happy faced boy.

How cute is this? Giovanni's letter to JT.

He also included a little gift for JT. A watercolor TMNT page.

JT was ready to reply to his letter. We got out his writing paper and pencil. We talked about what JT would want to write. Once he figured that out, I wrote it myself on the paper above so he could then just reference it for his own letter.

He started out with Giovanni's letter next to him as he began to write his name.

Trying to teach JT how to space between new words. He loves to either smoosh words together or have a HUGE gap between them. All part of the learning process ;)

So focused.

Pause to take a 10 second break and smile for Mommy.

Great thing about using pencil is that it's so forgiving when mistakes occur.

JT also included a little gift for Giovanni in his response. I think that was one of his favorite parts of his reply, going to the store and selecting the best gift for Giovanni.

Seal the envelope up!

At the post office weighing the envelope to see how much postage we would need.

Stamped, sealed, and ready to head to Florida!

Away it goes!!! JT is looking forward to receiving his next letter from Giovanni.

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  1. Man, I love that boy!!! Seeing his little face opening his letter just melts my heart! We will be mailing his letter out soon, school kind of got in the way. Oops! :)