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Monday, August 4, 2014

Getting ready for school

     Today kicks off Back to School week for the Apedaile6 crew. Lindsay and Courtney just headed out to Beech High School to start their sophomore and junior year while JT has a more relaxed phase in week going only 1 day in addition to his assessment testing today. I'll be posting all week about the exciting activities.

We started last week with registration evening where we paid fees, turned in paperwork, and set up testing appointments for JT.
JT is so excited to start school a Indian Lake Elementary!

After we turned in everything, we looked around the kindergarten hallway and peeked in the windows of the classrooms. We wont find out who his teacher is until Tuesday evening. Looking in the classrooms, JT was so excited to see all of the tables, decorations, and areas he will be learning at.

 After taking care of JT, we picked up Courtney and Lindsay and headed to Beech High School.
This wasn't nearly as fun for little man, but he was so patient through the long process.
 Phew! Made it through my 5th consecutive year of Orange Rush. The girls received their schedules, though Lindsay's had some major errors. She will have a new schedule waiting for her today at school.
 This past weekend we did a bit of school supply shopping. JT was looking forward to this for some time. Even the girls were excited to get some items, like their new planners.
 One of the most difficult task was finding THE perfect lunchbox. There were so many great choices according to JT. Angry Birds, R2D2 that talked,  and dump trucks.

This emerged as the winner! Blurry, I know, I'll have a better photo in a few day. This is a Hot Wheels lunch box JT that was the perfect choice. I think the blinking lights on the front of the lunchbox made it all the more appealing to my 5 year old.

I didn't embarrass the girls by taking photos while they were shopping, but they did want a photo of them trying on crazy helmets. Ready to face the jungle known as High School.



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