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Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Big Yellow Bus

  After JT's first full week of school, it was time for one more big step in becoming a kindergartner, riding the bus to school. JT had mastered where to go when we arrived at school, knew what to do when he arrived at school, and he had also asked me,"Mommy, am I going to be able to ride the bus to school soon?" The time had come.

We knew exactly where to go for our bus stop since we have been watching the bus come and go since last year. It also was easy to remember since the bus stop is at the corner of our front yard! JT walked out as was eager to join our neighbors at the corner. 

JT was so excited to ride the bus to school!

As the bus approached, JT turned to me and blew me a kiss and a hug. He is just so precious!

Ready to hop on bus #574.

Every day, JT still blows me a kiss and a hug just as he's about to get on the bus. Then, just as the bus pulls away, he waves to me from his seat. It's one of my favorite moments from my morning.

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