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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kindergarten Assesment Day

  While the girls started their first day this past Monday, JT had some school stuff to take care of. It was his assessment day. All of the kindergarten students had a brief assessment (30 or so minutes) on Monday and Tuesday.  JT was happy to be able to actually go to his school on the official first day for our district.

We started out in one classroom while we waited for JT to be called back by an available teacher. JT had fun playing with this puzzle for a few minutes.
JT was called back and sadly John and I weren't invited. Instead, we had a lot of paperwork to fill out.
This room ended up not being his classroom, but I'm sure his schedule is pretty similar to this. Our back to school night is this coming week and I'm looking forward to learning more. JT is the first of the Apedaile kids to attend kindergarten in Tennessee. Here, the kids have full day, 8:30-3:30, kindergarten opposed to the 3.5 hours we had back in California.
When JT was finished, the teacher said he "Did great" and said to expect an email about his teacher assignment the following day. JT didn't offer much info as to what happened since he was so excited about being at school. He did share that he spelled his last name, counted to 100, and did some sort of activity with the building blocks. He also shared later that night that the teacher who evaluated him said, "He was funny". He described a brief interaction with another student who was being tested at the same time and I guess JT said something comical. I just sighed and shook my head fearing that my child might have established himself as future class clown.
Afterward, we bought a few spirit items.
Decking Mommy's car out with an Indian Lake Elementary magnet.

JT's first school T shirt. I love my little warrior!

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