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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

JT's Classroom

     During the first week of school, John and I went to JT's Back to School Night. There, we went to his classroom to lean more about what this year holds, the class schedule, and answer any questions we had. After leaving that night, John and I are so excited about what he will be doing each day and how he is going to grow.
JT's class list.

The class did some Chicka, Chicka Boom Boom Name Trees outside of the class. JT continues to excel at the not so good smiles/photos.

Inside the door, the coat rack for the class where JT hangs his tote and eventually it will be cool enough for JT to be wearing a coat and it will hang there as well.

An overview of what a kindergarten student does these days. To note, JT is the first of the Apedaile kids to attend a full day kindergarten program. All of the girls went to K in California where it is offered as a half day program with AM/PM kindergarten.

Related arts will take place right before lunch each day and there is a daily rotation. So far, his favorite related art class is PE. He will go into great detail describing the activity or game the class did in PE. JT also will demonstrate any skills they worked on which is adorable to watch him re-create.

The part of the room where art supplies are stored and the "Star of the Week" will be featured. JT's turn will be in January.

Back of the room

I'm sure this is going to be one of the favorite spots for all of the students- The Tree House. 2 students are allowed to be upon the top from what JT has explained.  Below is a small classroom computer area.

The cubby area. Each student has a cubby where their take home folder and papers are stored until the end of the day to bring home.

The smart board/carpet area. The class has their "Morning Meeting" on the carpet.

During the first week of school I was able to take JT to school each day and walk him into the building. A few days we practiced where JT would go when he arrived and walked in alone. All of the kindergarten classes meet in the gym (and supervised by 2 staff members) and each class has their own bench to sit and visit while they wait for the dismissal bell. Despite JT's uncertain expression, he was happy and having fun with his friends.

When the bell rings, all of the kids line up in the gym and then they march to their classes down the hall.  Look at these cute faces ready to start their day.

JT's teacher, Mrs. Bentley. I'm glad half of the duo was ready to take a photo :)

From JT's first few weeks of school, it looks like he's going to have a wonderful year of learning and maturing all while having fun.

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