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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Water Baby-beginning of summer

     As the days of summer are drawing to an end, I finally wanted to take some time and share the progress JT has made over the summer in the pool. It's been quite remarkable to us and JT absolutely loves being in the water. In looking for photos for the posts, I realized I didn't take quite as many photos or videos of him as he continued to improve through the summer. Somehow to me, water and cameras/phones with camera features don't mix so I probably left the camera and phone out of harms way.

When JT first started using the pool, most of his activity came from jumping to a sister.
Since he was tall enough to stand in the shallow end, JT played with the basketball hoop and splashed around.
Or he would get a bit of help to complete a slam dunk.

Jumping into the pool while spraying his water stick.

As he gained more confidence, JT's showmanship during his jumps increased. One of my favorite shots of him jumping.

Jumping to Sarah
JT playing in the water
JT swimming to Lindsay. This is when he was first getting more confidant in his
ability to swim on his own for a length of time.

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