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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Power League #1

     Last weekend, Courtney had her first Power League for Ethos. Power league is a one day competition among other Ethos teams that should be of similar level of talent. During the course of the day, the girls play 3 other teams. After the results are finalized for the day, all of the teams club wide are re-seeded. In a few weeks, at the next Power League the teams will face some different teams- some moving higher in ranking, against older or "better" teams, and some moving down. It's about bragging rights and most importantly, getting some more time on the court without having to pay an entry fee for a tournament.

 Warming up!

 Courtney's team was wearing their white jerseys for the day.

 Pep talk before the next set.

 Sister block!

 Celebrating an ace! Love seeing the opponent on the floor from where the ball landed.

The girls had an overall good day. They won one match in two sets and the other two opponents went to the third set, with very close scores in the end. Sadly, they lost in their third sets, but the girls are growing individually and as a team. 

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