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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Star of the Week

Recently, JT was The Star of the Week in his class. Every week as student in his class has a turn being the star and they get to share about their family, interests, and share photos. JT was the last star for his class since his teacher went in reverse alphabetical order (last name).

JT was so excited to bring home the Star binder for us to prepare his turn. All of the other student's papers were inside so JT had a fun time reading all of the other entries before we started working on his questionnaire. JT answered all of the questions and then colored the paper.

JT holding his filled out All About Me paper. 
Favorite Color-Blue
Favorite Animal: Shark
Favorite thing to do at home: Play with his monster trucks
Favorite thing to do at school: Recess
I am a star because... I am funny.

JT then chose photo he wanted to share with his class- the one where he's a baby, he's about 2 weeks old. Then JT chose some of his favorite activities- soccer and riding his bike. He ended by including photos of all of our family. JT loved his turn being star of the week and he is most certainly a big Star at home!

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