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Sunday, January 25, 2015

SNOW 2015

Tennessee FINALLY had our first measurable snowfall of the winter season this weekend. Much to the chagrin to our high school girls and I'm sure many teachers in the area, since the mere threat of snow likely results in school being cancelled. Nevertheless, our Apedaile crew enjoyed the beauty of a brief winter white morning this weekend.

A simple dusting of snow makes everything look so beautiful!


Our old oak tree looks majestic with the coat of winter on its branches.

 As soon as JT woke up and saw the snow, he couldn't wait to get outside.

 He immediately flopped down to make some snow angels.

 and throw snow and his Momma.

 Then he discovered some tracks in the snow. You can see them to the left of his body. They looked like deer tracks to my untrained eye and JT walked alongside the tracks all over the yard.

 Such a happy face!

 Sibling snowball fight!

 Courtney coming to join the fun.

 The snow was powdery and we were able to capture Courtney blowing it off of her hands.

 JT had fun doing the same.

 More snow angels!

 Clearly we didn't get that much snow since you can see the grass in the snow angel.

 Mischievous look on a little boy planning a snowball attack.

 JT also seemed to think since he couldn't see much of the grass, that meant that he could perform huge running leaps in the air to land on a fluffy snowy ground. Not so much. It didn't stop him from trying though.

We gave our best effort at making a snowman.

 Little, but successful.

 Lindsay's large snowball

 JT was a quick study.

 Courtney was ready to attack.

The not so fun part of playing in the snow- the dreaded hit where snow gets into your jacket or under your layers of clothes. When I showed JT this photo he said, "Don't post that photo Mommy! People will laugh at me." While I'm not posting it to social media, I just had to post it here. We aren't laughing at you JT, we are laughing with you ;)

So I don't end on a mean Mommy photo, here are my three cuties once again on our beautiful snowy day. It was fully melted by the afternoon, much like any Tennessee snow. Looking forward to our next snowfall.

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